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Temple run 2

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What was once one of the most popular games for smartphones, has now made it's way onto the internet for all to enjoy. Temple Run Online puts players right into the middle of the action, set in an ancient temple. Escape from the perils of danger by running from the demon monkeys and making your way through obstacles as you do so. Play Temple Run Online and help to protect the precious treasure that could be waiting for you to claim it. If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to pass the time, there's no better game to play than Temple Run Online.

About Temple Run

Before you play Temple Run Online, you may be interested in knowing a little bit more about the game. Developed by Raleigh, Temple Run is known as an endless action-adventure game. Simply put, this means that the game never actually ends. Players must keep running and collecting coins for as long as possible before dying. This enjoyable game can easily be played by users young or old. Controlled by your keyboard, simply move your explorer throughout the game as he runs quickly along platforms, bridges, under fire, over gaps and much more. Moving from side to side also allows you to collect coins as you avoid the obstacles put in place. Collect coins to use for power-ups within the games, the chance to change your character or for new and exciting features. Play Temple Run Online again and again to see if you can beat your own high score.

How to Play Temple Run

Use your keyboards arrow keys to move your explorer in the game.
Right arrow key will move the explorer to the right.
Left arrow key will move the explorer to the left.
Down arrow key will make the explorer slide downwards under obstacles.
Up arrow key will make the explorer jump upwards over obstacles.
Avoid running into obstacles, falling off the edge or being attacked by the demon monkeys, all of which will kill the explorer and start the game over.

With over 170 million downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!
Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?!


★ Beautiful new graphics
★ Gorgeous new organic environments
★ New obstacles
★ More powerups
★ More achievements
★ Special powers for each character
★ Bigger monkey!!!
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Game Introduction – Temple Run

Temple Run is definitely an endless running game from Imangi Galleries for that apple iphone, ipod device Touch and iPad. Mutants are chasing after you, so you have to run as quickly as you are able to to steer clear of them! Maintaining without falling of the high cliff can be challenging however with Gamezebo’s ramp up guide you’ll have the guidelines and methods it’s important to stay ahead whatsoever occasions.

Ramp Up Guide

Getting Began

Temple Run

To obtain began and playing Temple Run you’ll first have to download it by clicking the “Play Now” button towards the top of this screen.

Once the overall game has finished installing, you’ll find it in your desltop. Tap around the icon labeled Temple Run to begin playing.

Around the primary menu, proceed and tap around the Play button to begin playing immediately. Be careful because the overall game isn’t shy about tossing you in to the fire away from the gate!

How you can Play

Temple Run is a game title that tasks you with running so far as you are able to without falling or getting wiped out through the mutants chasing after you. Let’s review the fundamental controls so you know the way you are able to avoid dying no matter what.

Temple RunTemple Run

Your character will run instantly, so there’s no control essential to lead him toOrher move ahead. Jumping requires you to definitely swipe on the screen, ducking mandates that you swipe lower, and turning requires you to definitely swipe right or left (based on your preferred direction).

Temple Run

Should you not result in the move in the precisely perfect time, you’ll need to start once again. This really is no matter the way you died, whether you fell from a platform by missing a turn or jump or get eaten through the mutants.

Temple Run

Certain obstacles for example trees can get inside your way, so when you miss striking them, you will simply decelerate making the mutants come nearer to you. Should you still hit obstacles, they’ll kill you.

Temple Run

Coins can be found around the platforms when you are running, and may be used to buy upgrades and new figures (we’ll review that later). To seize these coins, you will have to tilt your apple iphone or iPad left or to help make your character veer off in direction of the coins.

Temple Run

Should you choose finish up dying, you’ll be come to a standing screen where one can call at your score, how lengthy you went before dying, and you may share your score together with your buddies on Facebook.


Temple Run

When you’re not playing, or are in the primary menu you have access to the shop button to gain access to the in-game store to buy upgrades and new figures to experience as.

Note: You can generate the coins essential to purchase a copy products, but you may even buy coins to accelerate the procedure. Be cautious prior to making any purchases with real cash.

Upgrades are bought in the in-game store, but could only then be utilized when acquired while playing (a silhouette from the upgrade’s icon can look in mid-air).

Mega Gold coin – This can be a gold coin that’s worth as much as 100 coins when snapped up. Every time you upgrade the gold coin, it is worth increasingly more.

Temple Run

Gold coin Magnet – For a short while, you don’t need to concern yourself with slanting your device, because the coins will come your way. Every time you upgrade this, the amount of the upgrade can last longer.

Invisibility – You’ll become invisible for some time while using the this upgrade, causing you to invincible too. Platforms can make pathways to ensure that you cannot fall of of these, and also the mutants won’t attack you. While you upgrade Invisibility, it’ll arrived at keep going longer.

Boost – Boost could make you run in an extreme speed, as well as cause you to invincible because of its duration. By using this upgrade coupled with Gold coin Magnet (if you’re able to get fortunate enough) creates a great score run. Improving this makes it keep going longer.

Gold coin Multiplier – This upgrade can make the coins you collect more vital, because the distance traveled is bigger. This is accomplished by looking into making the red-colored, yellow, and blue coins show up on the platforms and they’re worth greater than regular coins. Among this is actually the red-colored gold coin can look after you reach 1000m. Improving this can add different coins.

Utilities and Figures

Temple Run

Utilities is one off use products that you could purchase, like the Resurrection Wings, Small Boost, and Mega Boost.

Resurrection Wings – These will instantly resurrect you when triggered. Be cautious though, they’ll disappear if they’re triggered and never used. For doing things, you have to tap around the wing icon that turns up within the top right corner from the screen throughout game play.

Small Boost – Can look presents itself the screen if you have bought one. Tapping onto it will boost you 1000m forward to ensure that you can begin gathering coins faster.

Mega Boost – Works similar to the Small Boost, and can boost you to definitely 2500m rather than 1000m when used.

Temple Run

New figures can also be found to buy within the store and therefore are usually very costly. While purchasing a brand new character is purely cosmetic, it may be neat to experience being an Indiana Johnson lookalike.


Temple Run

Probably the most fun you could have with Temple Run is when you’re in competition with buddies for top scores. Once you have unsuccessful inside a run, you are able to tap on the overall game Center icon to gain access to these leaderboards.

Once you’re within the leaderboards, you are able to compare your score together with your buddies, sort the leaderboard by week, today, or in history. You may also become sufficiently good to obtain a top just right the world leaderboard.


You’ve completed the fast start guide for Temple Run on apple iphone, ipod device Touch and iPad. You will be the quickest runner around now you be aware of ropes! Keep checking back with Gamezebo for additional guides, plus reviews, previews, news and much more.